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Frequently Asked Questions:

The thing that critics love about Dragon city the most, is the fact that it is so completely unique. A few years ago, farming games were all the rage, then came the ‘saga’ games which were all pretty much identical clones of one another, only with slightly different colour themes and names in the title.

Full Instructions:
  • - Enter Facebook User ID, otherwise this hack will not work!
  • - Select the amount of Gold you want to generate.
  • - Select the amount of Gems you want to generate.
  • - Select the amount of Foods you want to generate.
  • - Use proxy "Recommended".
  • - Unlock all Dragons is currently is development which is on Beta mode, may not work at all.
  • - Click "Proceed" and verify your campaign.
  • - Share the love
What is Gold?

Gold is the general Currency of the game. It is gained by collecting from your dragons' habitats, selling items, dragons, or dragon eggs, winning it in the Monday Bonus, Winning it in the Deus Daily Bonus.(More info)

What is Food?

Food is what you give your dragons in order for them to gain experience and increase level.

Dragon food Food gon is produced in the Farms which can be upgraded to unlock a wider variety of plants that will then produce larger stacks of food. (More info)

What is Gems?

Gems are a premium currency used to buy other resources and skip timers. (More info)

Is Dragon City Hack Tool Working?

Try it for yourself and come back here and tell us your experience. We won't fail you!

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